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Kindness is the best remedy for suffering (Mozambique)

Some Benefits of SomaVeda®

Thai Yoga 

  • Reduces Stress

  • Greatly improves circulation of bodily fluids, especially the lymphatic system

  • Greatly reduces pain and inflammation

  • Balances mind, body and spirit

  • Increases range of motion

  • Is a passive form of exercise

  • Is a Religious Therapeutic Healing System

  • Promotes overall well being


Thai Yoga, traditionally called Nuat Thai or Nuad Boran, is an ancient healing system comprised of passive stretching, gentle pressure and rocking and indigenous, traditional Thai reflexology. The combination of prayer, or puja along with a number of asanas, or postures and conscious breathing allows and encourages gained flexibility, ease of movement, range of motion and numerous benefits to the body, mind and spirit. Increased blood flow and movement allows the body's systems to experience a unique combination of deep relaxation and release as well as a heightened and energized sense of awareness after a session.


The primary outcomes associated with the practice of Thai Yoga are called Promiiwihan Sii or four divine, boundless sublime states of mind; Love, Compassion, Joy and Equanimity. The expression of love through the hands best describes the SomaVeda® Thai Yoga appraoach.


SomaVeda® Thai Yoga is ideal for all ages and conditions. We are trained to design and facilitate an experience specifically for you.


A Few Tips For/Before Your First Session

  • Wear comfortable, workout type clothing

  • Prepare to schedule an extra 20 minutes for paperwork, asssessment

  • Drink plenty of water prior to your session

  • Eat small snacks 1-2 hours prior to session

  • We say, prepare to become a "rag doll", meaning we encourage all to let go and be as loose as possible while on the mat.

Some SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Facts

Thai Yoga is:

- Traditional, indengenous medicine

- An Ayurveda Yoga Therapy

- A comprehensive, sophisticated healing arts derivative of Theraveda Buddhism, Buddhist medicine, Buddhist Psychology,      Theraveda Vipassana Bhavana, Classical Indian and Tibetan Ayurveda and Yoga Vedanta. 

- Traditional tribal medicine practiced by Native Hill Tribes of South East Asia

- An Ancent system who's documented lineage dates back over 1000 years with origins dating back to over 2000 years

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