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Sound Healing


The resonant tones of crystal singing bowls have been known to posses a calming effect on the mind, body, and spirit. The pure silica quartz make up of the bowls have a natural affinity with your own physical nature and physiology, being that we are crystalline in our structure. The bones, skin, cells, tissues, and DNA all share the basic components as those of the quartz crystal bowls, resulting in a harmonious and "recalibratory" effect when used as a sound healing modality. 


Energy Centers / Chakras / Aritu

Crystal singing bowls work in direct harmony with our life force energy centers, also known as chakras or aritu. Each of these centers is associated with its own color, note, vowel sound, as well as many other physical, spiritual, and energetic attributes. The crystal tone of each bowl has its own respective note, holding its own set of attributes that correspond and vibrate with each of the chakras to promote deep relaxation, meditation, dissolve blockages, realign the chakras, and clearing the auric field. (I work with 7 bowls to represent each of the 7 chakras, but there are 22 chakras in and around the body).


Sacred percussion instruments such as tingshas (Tibetan cymbals), bells and various indigenous rattles and shakers may also be used as needed. These instruments aid in breaking up and releasing any existing or remaining energy blockages.

Singing Crystal Bowl Session Offerings


Meditative Sound Bath Book a session

Opening with a guided breathing meditation, the client lies comfortably on the floor while the room is then immersed in the expansive and soothing vibrations of seven Singing Crystal Bowls. The Sound Bath is ideal for individuals, couples, families and small or large groups looking to receive a one-of-a-kind experience of deep relaxation, inner peace and sense of well being. It is said that two minutes within this vortex of sound is equivalent to 20 minutes of other traditional forms of meditation.

Perfect for groups in need of an alternative relaxation regimen - children, elderly, families, couples (and singles), to name a few.

ARIT-Tune® (Vibrational Chakra Tuning) (also known as Sound Massage)
Book a session

A placement focused treatment where crystal bowls are placed on areas of the body such as the bottom of the feet, shins, behind the knees, and various other chakral areas: root (base of spine and bottom of feet for grounding), sacral (just underneath the waistline while lying face down), solar plexus (upper stomach area), heart, throat (usually held just above), third/first eye (center of forehead), and crown (top of head). 

Bowl placement is dependent upon the comfort of the client. For areas such as the throat and heart, the bowl can be held directly above (these areas) for effective results. 

During an ARIT-Tune® session, 7 crystal bowls are individually placed on and around the body while the client is in a restful state, usually on a padded floor mat or massage table. Each bowl is struck with the sound then being sustained by circling the inner or outer rim, creating its unique resonating tone and vibration. Each bowl is used to resonate with each of the chakras as mentioned earlier. Placement is based on the client's physical and/or energetic needs. The session usually begins with a reading of the chakras to determine which areas may be out of balance and may require more attention. 

Distance Sound Healing (a 30 minute pre-consultation is required)

Via video call, we can design and facilitate a session that is specifically detailed for your needs. Once the 30 minute pre-consultation is complete, we gather the tools needed to begin. Singing Crystal Bowls, various sacred percussive instruments and voice are used to guide this unique and effective vibrational medicine experience. The most fascinating aspect about this service (and vibrational/energetic medicine in general) is that the intention, along with the actual practice is what opens the way for healing, whether it happens in the same room or another space on the other side of the world. 


Each session is audio recorded and sent to the client in mp3, wav., aiff or high quality FLAC file format -  available for use at any time, on any chosen device. This service is especially useful for: Those who are scheduled to undergo surgery, preparing for a test, for relaxation and need of focus, and travelling to name a few.  


Information provided on this website is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease. All content on this website is strictly for Informational and educational purposes.

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