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To know the disease is half the cure. (Africa)

SomaVeda Integrated Traditional Therapies®


SomaVeda Integrated Traditional Therapies® is a system of sustainable, vitalistic therapeutics and counseling that integrates the art and science of both ancient and modern world wide indigenous traditions of healing. SomaVeda® is the system of natural therapeutics, designed and developed by Aachan Anthony B. James.


SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Therapy, defined as the “Practical Expression of Loving Kindness” offers a unique and solid foundation in energetic, spiritual and physical modalities for promoting well being and long life. Thai Yoga, its core touch therapy modality, historically originated from the Buddhist schools and disciplines of South East Asia. It’s principles and practices, although based on principles of vitalism, are common to all faiths, non-sectarian and non-dogmatic and suitable for practice by persons of any faith. We do not discriminate based on religious affiliation, race, blood quotient, gender or sexual preference. All are welcome. (Excerpts from - author Anthony B. James) Please see our FAQ page or visit to learn more.

SomaVeda® Thai Yoga (also known as Indigenous, Traditional Thai Yoga)

$90/60 Minutes | $126/90 Minutes 

SomaVeda® Thai Yoga incorporates a number of asanas, or poses that the practitioner uses to facilitate deep stretching, compression, gentle rocking and focused, mindful breathing. Thai Yoga is beneficial in reducing chronic pain and stress, improving circulation of bodily fluids, relaxing tight muscles, and increasing range of motion to name a few. 

SomaVeda® Therapeutic Seven Day Protocol 

$650 (paid by first session) | $740 (if paid in installments)

Please call for scheduling


  • Intake and Ayurvedic Medical Assessment

  • Seven Thai Yoga Sessions

  • SomaVeda® Bio-Tapp/B.E.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique)

  • Nutritional Counseling


The SomaVeda® Therapeutic Seven Day Protocol is a sophisticated system of healing and long term wellness. Traditionally in Thailand, clients and pratitioners spend an entire day together, where Thai Yoga, and multiple healing treatments can last anywhere between 8-12 hours. The SomaVeda® Therepeutic Day Protocol follows this tradition to better suit the busy lifestyle of those who may not be able to spend a whole day with their practitioner. It is suggested to schedule your seven sessions in as close succession as possible, usually once or twice a week or more if possible. This is to allow the best possible results from each individual treatment as it relates to the overall healing of the collective treatments.


  • Each Therapeutic Day begins with Intake and Ayurvedic Medical Assessment which we will refer to throughout the protocol. You will then be given information on how to bring more balance to your doshas and lifestyle, as needed.


  • It includes seven SomaVeda® Thai Yoga sessions, each different - focusing on each of the five attitudes or positions. Within this time period, you and your practitioner will become more in tune with each other, allowing him or her to reach intuitive levels of working, opening the way for powerful and deep healing experiences.


  • Also included in this program is the Somaveda® Bio-Tapp/B.E.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique), which deals with the release of unresolved negative emotions. This technique is shared with each guest who wishes to get to the root causes of anxiety, physical and emotional pain and dis-ease. This powerful tool can be used by the client for future use on her or his own after the first session.


  • Nutritional Counseling in the forms of label reading, GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) awareness and the benefits of having a cleaner, nutrient dense and balanced eating lifestyle are the essential keys and take-aways of this portion of the SomaVeda® Therapeutic Day Protocol. Healthy food preperation, recipes and more will be introduced as needed.


We strongly suggest the full payment of $650 for all SomaVeda® Therapeutic Day Protocol programs at the first session, not only to ensure the seven days on our calendars, but to also confirm our guests' full commitment to this system. We use this method to promote non-cancellations due to the amount of time, research and energy put towards each and every guest's appointment.

We truly appreciate your cooperation. 


Cancellation Policy


There is a 24 hour Cancellation Policy on all appointments. All cancellations must be made no later than 24 hours in advance. Any guest that does not show up for an appointment will be charged the full cost of the treatment.

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