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New Album! Òjò (Rain) - Elemental Meditation I


... translates to "rain" in the Yoruba language. Around the world, rain is honored, praised and prayed for. Here we pay reverence to our Mother Earth's expression of life and love.

Digital Release Date:

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Equanimity Sound & Media Arts and Healing Exchange Alabama welcome their first collaborative sound healing release,

Òjò - Elemental Meditation Series I

This SPECIAL offering is being released on September 22, 2018 -

the date of the 2018 Fall Equinox (8:54 P.M. CST),

in the pre-glow of the Harvest Full Moon.

Òjò is a sacred sound healing experience where the worldly and other-worldly meet and dance together in harmony. It is a place where sounds congregate and become a vehicle of inner peacefulness and awareness, while vibrationally influencing our spaces and environments.

Infused with on location field recordings of nature, ethereal synthesized tones, and a palette of percussive elements, Òjò is an atmospheric approach to honoring the healing aspects of sound.

All electronic instruments are tuned to the Earth frequency of 432 Hz to further promote wellness and harmony within our physical, mental and subtle bodies.

The balancing of these bodies opens the way for wellness,

the overall intention of this work.

A few recommended uses: meditation, breath work, deep relaxation, space clearing, and energy work such as yoga, massage, reiki, tai chi and others.

Can also be used as an aid with sleep and to induce lucid dreaming.

Stay tuned for the release and behind the scenes posts of the making of the album.

Produced, recorded, and mixed at Red Clay Studios

by Tommy Fluker for Equanimity Sound and Media Arts

Equanimity Media Arts (ASCAP) / Tommy Fluker (ASCAP)






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