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Red Clay Studios

A  Creative Workspace Embraced by Nature

RED CLAY Studios is a multi-purpose, multimedia production space located on site at Healing Exchange Alabama, in rural Blount County Alabama.

At Red Clay Studios, you can record your work, book an overnight yurt-stay, reserve a camping space, and/or schedule healing services, all at one location. This one of a kind creative retreat experience is available for individuals, artist collectives and bands to name a few.

Here, we facilitate a wide range of services dealing with music, audio and video production, editing, and media archiving/preservation.

Red Clay Studios is the home of Munirah Vision and Equanimity Sound & Media Arts, with Mama Faika Munirah and Tommy Fluker as the primary directors, respectively. We view this as a creative and sacred space, where creativity, community, education and the preservation of our musical and ancestral legacies are amongst our main driving forces.



Through the archiving and restoration of vintage and current multimedia formats (video, sound and voice, images), Red Clay Studios is available to create a plan and assist in ensuring that your cherished recordings, found footage, and family treasures are well preserved. Our vibrant culture of music, voice and storytelling, dance, art, and our most memorable moments are more than deserving of remaining in our lineages for future generations to come.


We are also host to a number of vinyl record collections, personal and gifted, which are a part of our ever growing library and music preservation ideals. Housing indigenous African music and her many expressions of sound, rhythm, healing and ritual across the globe is the foundation of this on-going multi-generational collection of music. 


The Space 

After working in multiple studios, some excessively filled with recording equipment, hardware and towers of computers, the idea behind Red Clay's design is to provide a resourceful and creative space with an organic and natural feel, in a nature centered environment. The result is an intentional space where repurposed wood, doors, paper, tables, and other recycled and found items have received new lives. Low energy LED lighting, laptop computers, kraft paper flooring, repurposed desk, table and shelving contribute to our intention of keeping our energy footprint as minimal as possible on the land. 

SERVICES (partial list):

Audio Archival and Digitization

Audiobook Recording

Audio Editing

Audio Recording and Mixing

Audio for Visual - Video and Film

Commercial Production

Griot and Storytelling Recording

Multimedia Production (Audio Visual, Graphic Design)

Original Music and Soundtrack Production

Podcast Production

Video Production and Editing

Webcast Production

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205-578-ARTS (2787)

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