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The shortest distance between two people is a smile. (Africa)


Stacey Fluker

SomaVeda Integrated Traditional Therapies® - CTP-1

LMT - Licensed Massage Therapy #3417

I LOVE NATURE! I love the smell of it, the feel or it, the taste of it, the sounds of it and being absorbed in it. I feel deeply connected to the plants, the trees and the birds and the bees! When the wind blows around me I feel grounded yet free, when rain falls I feel comforted and serene, when the sun shines and kisses my body I feel energized and alive! I am the daughter and steward of Asase Yaa, I am the wife of a very loving, creative, supportive, strong, gentle and honest man, I am a mother to three of some of the most expressive, precocious, independent, full of love and life children and a daughter, sister, friend, auntie to many. Living the life of abundance, prosperity, health/healing, joy, compassion, love and equanimity are my life's goals everyday! My life is simple yet I love elegance. My skills are ever evolving and growing, however for this time and space, I am honored to offer holistic consultation (through healthy eating, indigenous herbal bush medicines, energy work and many other assessments), SomaVeda® Integrated Traditional Therapy, body and space cleansing, doula and birth consultation and natural family practices. Life's gifts are a combination of both bliss and challenge, each of which I have no problem sharing, to those who are willing to learn and grow, as I too love to learn and grow from others.

Tommy Fluker

SomaVeda Integrated Traditional Therapies® - CTP-1

It is an honor to share a bit about myself. I am a son, a husband of a lovely and brilliant queen and family of three watoto who inspire me to be the best Baba and life companion that I can be in this lifetime. I am a Protector, Steward of the Earth, Life Drummer, Crystal Bowl Keeper, and Light Work Facilitator with the highest of intentions to respectfully protect and uphold each position. I discovered the beauty of nature as a young child playing in green grasses and partaking in the many wonders of fruits, flowers and trees of the south. As a northern native, this balance has been a wonderful blessing and grounding of my spirit, to this very day. My belief is that nature gives us all of the answers we need. She provides for us generously, season after season, and our duty is to give back and care for Her. My journey in the healing arts began when working as a deejay and experiencing how music affected and moved the bodies, minds and spirit of the people. This further lead me on many serendipitous moments in time where I received visions, lessons, teachings and tools to further my studies and practices relating to sound. My wish is to continue to promote the healing benefits that lie within the harmonious and dissonant nature of sound and music. In the arts of healing touch, it was my beloved wife who inspired me to pursue a gift that I had yet recognized over the years. Once realized and acted upon, I have enjoyed every moment of the aspects and multi-faceted healing qualities of SomaVeda Integrated Traditional Therapies® (SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine). My goal as a practitioner in these arts is to practice Promiiwihan Sii - “the practical expression of loving kindness” and continue to promote natural, indigenous methods of healing.

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